our story

about us

Hi. My name is Amanda, and this is my dream shop wood & wicker!

I am an apparel designer by trade and am obsessed with home goods and home design. I have worked in design since graduation from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC in 2006. 

I am excited you have come to visit my shop and hope you find items that spark little joy in you and your love ones homes. ❤️

how we got our name

The idea of wood & wicker started in the house I called home for 30 years. The home I spent endless nights playing in the yard, coming home to after school and every holiday after I was grown. 

When my mom passed away in 2013 my life was rocked. Our loss was doubled that year when our home was decided to be sold. My sister and I were asked to divide up many belongings that we knew and loved about our mom and our home in Delaware. There are no words to describe the emotions of this task, but I feel grateful to have the opportunity to decide about belongings to keep and incorporate into my now own home.

While working through the sweaters and the holiday decorations there was a pattern to what my sister and I kept; her being almost everything wicker and myself being primarily items of wood. This signifying both our individual style and the idea behind the name of my shop.